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Shijie UK

Ordering from the UK
Please use the Shijie.com main site to look at the options for the guitar you are interested in then contact Shijie UK our exclusive UK sales office: 

E- Mail : Shijieuk@gmail.com
Or : Mark@shijie.com
Phone : 07784309702

Shijie UK are based in Warrington in the UK and hold stock of our renowned
Classic STE AND TLV models as well as stocks of our ground breaking series TM series.

Because every customer has individual requirements and there are a number of options all of our CUSTOM range guitars are made to order. We also believe that our ordering process for custom level guitars  is much more satisfying and personal than going into a shop and buying a guitar from a shop wall.

Shijie UK can help you with the selection of options and help you choose the guitar that’s right for you!
Once the specification you require has been agreed. You will be sent an invoice / order form for you to confirm this is what you actually wantel. The guitar will then be made to this specification.
Please check this document and then arrange to pay as per the instructions either via Bank transfer or over the phone by card (all cards accepted Visa / Mastercard / Amex etc . This is priced in UK GBP. So you know the price agreed is what you pay.
Your custom guitar will then be ordered and built by our master luthiers in China. Delivery is typically 4-6 weeks but it can vary depending on the finish you choose. This will be discussed and agreed with you before you receive the invoice.

Upon completion the guitars are then shipped to Shijie UK who will then inspect and QC it following shipping. We will then call you arrange delivery on a day that’s convenient for you.
Collections are also possible from our offices or our approved workshop in Leigh Greater Manchester at  Cottams Guitars. if you take this option Max our tech is happy to tweak the guitar to your personal preference. All our guitars are normally  released to an average set up specification that most people will be happy with. This also allows personal tweaks to be minimal from the standard set up.


Shijie UK Blog

It’s been a busy 6 months  at Shijie UK with many customers receiving exceptional guitars they just cannot put down .

Shijie will continue to tread the boards at the guitar shows up and down the UK to enable our customers to have the opportunity to get hands on with the guitars before they order.

We are looking forward to presenting to you the Shijie Uk special run of our  outstanding super S type guitar the Pegasus and our new LP-08 singlecut . Please come along to the shows to see what extraordinary instruments these are.

Remaining Scheduled dates for 2024 are as follows : 

Manchester guitar show 4thAug*

Cheshire guitar show 1 st Sept *

Leeds Guitar Show. 15th Sept.

Coventry Guitar show 6th Oct

London Int'l Guitar Show 27th Oct

Merseyside Guitar Show. 1st Dec *

Please note those dates marked with a * will feature on the live stage a demo by Neil Mellor  Shijie Artist and lead guitarist of Stone Deaf Forever the UK’s best and most authentic Motörhead Tribute band and “Ogun” the new kings of British thrash metal . 

Come along to the shows see the guys listen to some great music and see Shijie the brand name that allows you to buy Tomorrow Vintage guitars that you can own Today . 


Neil Mellor

Shows marked with * denote a live appearance by Shijie artist Neil Mellor on the live stage demoing Shijie Guitars


John Miles Jnr.

John’s full bio is in the main pages of the site but in essence John is the son of “Mr Music” John Miles and has played with Andrea Bochelli, Tony Hadley, Brian Johnson of AC/DC and in Europe Sylver and Milk inc. both chart topping Euro Dance bands. Johns Guitar of choice is the Shijie TM-5 he will be seen next playing  festival's in Europe with Belgian Television Star Sean Dhondt in their Band Top Guns .