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Shijie Guitars Story

Shijie Guitars Story

Shijie Guitars Story

My guitar brand SHIJIE was named after my son.As paternal love is one of the core ideas in Chinese culture,my love and passion for SHIJIE is also the core idea of my life! - Alex Wong.

I am an idealist who pursues perfection! For a period of time, people thought that products made in China were cheap and inferior.

From 2006 to 2008, Qingdao and Weifang were the most flourishing bases for the electric guitar OEM industry. Out of my love for guitars and my pursuit of perfection, I created my first guitar repair and sales workshop. During the period from 2006 to 2013, over 90% of the guitars I dealed with and repaired were products of these OEM factories. I have repaired more than 5,000 guitars, and I wouldn't even dare to sell them if I didn't repair them first.

Although most of these guitars were very cheap, I fully understood the flaws and defects of them and never was interested enough to play them!
In 2012, my son Wong Shijie was born, and I decided to end the endless cycle of repairing and do something more meaningful. I wanted to address these defects from the root. From 2013-2014, I summarized all the guitar repair experience including nearly 100 Japanese-made guitars I had purchased from second-hand market. I was determined to create a guitar brand that truly met my ideals. So in 2014, I founded the SHIJIE Guitar Factory.
At the beginning, we mainly provided high-quality customized  guitar necks and did fewer complete guitar builds. Due to popular demand, we began accepting custom-designed guitar orders under the name of SHIJIE .

From 2016 to 2019, SHIJIE 's business got custom platforms and OEM platforms, as we provide perfect-customized guitars to many customers in China, we also supplied OEM guitars to well-known brands in the United States, Japan, and Germany and receiving widespread praise.


In the same time, SHIJIE launched the highly acclaimed TM-6 and improved STE series guitars. The release of the TM-6 was a full year earlier than the similarly configured AZ series, and the improved STE series was highly praised by global retail customers after 2019.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, SHIJIE was forced to close its custom business and also had to stop the OEM business due to the sudden surge in demand for STE series guitars. In 2020, SHIJIE launched the TLV series, which shared the same platform as STE, and achieved satisfactory sales results.


STE and TLV series guitars achieved success dued to the accomplishment of both consumers' requirement for vintage tone style and Alex's demand of pursuing excellence in guitar craftsmanship.
Due to the pests of swamp ash and the COVID-19 pandemic, SHIJIE suspended production of the TM-6 model in 2020. We focused on developing a new version and launched the TM-5 in 2022, which offers the same lightweight advantages as the TM-6 but at a more affordable price. In the same year, we also released the TLV-P90, which we are very fond of.

In 2022, SHIJIE decided to establish the JF and JA families as a brand signature which is limited produced flagship models such as JA-6, JF-P2, JF-Pegasus

All of the raw materials used for SHIJIE guitars are premium wood materials which personally selected, purchased, and inspected by Alex Wong.And since 2015, Alex performed quality inspection and testing on every SHIJIE guitar before it leaves the factory. You can see Alex Wong's signature in the quality inspection column of the identification sheet for each guitar.