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John Miles Jnr

John Miles Junior Is A Guitarist Writer and Producer and multi instrumentalist from Newcastle England who currently resides in Belgium. John Is the son of the great Pop rock artist John Miles.

John has had an amazing career playing with a litany of top names including Andrea Bochelli, Joe Cocker,  Spandau Ballets Tony Hadley, Jimmy Nail (crocodile shoes ) and Brian Johnson of AC/DC.  In Europe John was writer,Producer and Guitarist for chart topping bands Milk Inc and Sylver.

John also performs on a regular basis in Europes foremost Classic Rock Tour Night of the Proms both as a guitarist and taking centre stage in his own right . Johns Choice of guitar is the outstanding TM5 a guitar that gives him the versatility he needs as a player that playing both live and in the studio for a varied roster of artists plus it looks so cool.